Digital Marketing Boom During Covid

The corona virus pandemic has put the spotlight on all aspects of marketing and brands’ use of digital for marketing communications is no exception. Behavioral shifts such as working remotely, spending more time indoors, researching real-time news, juggling kids at home, adapting to homeschooling, avoiding crowded areas, and focusing on health first have all had significant impacts on advertising and marketing efforts.

The unprecedented shift is creating the urgent need for brands and their partners to think outside the box and pivot quickly. But doing so comes with the increased responsibility of being both mindfully and socially responsible when it comes to digital marketing strategies.

Many activities that previously accounted for significant portions of an individual’s day have been restricted in this season of self-isolation and social distancing, causing major shifts in time spent on other matters.

It can be seen that the time spent on digital media, staying connected via social media, TV & entertainment, streaming, gaming, e-commerce, telehealth and teleconferencing has increased drastically.

Also the longevity of the crisis is unknown, thus it is continuously giving a boom to the digital marketing platform. There are few points where the digital marketing is being impacted due to Covid – 19:

  • Out-of-home advertising spend is already declining due to social distancing and self-isolation, while people are spending increased time online.
  • Marketers are leaning on digital alternatives to offset event cancellations (video conferencing, virtual events), which magnifies the need for 5G technology and improved mobile experiences.
  • Marketers are focusing more on high traffic channels like Amazon DSP, paid search, and social to follow news and shopping trends.

We can clearly see that majority of the people have been quarantined or they have quarantined themselves whatever the case maybe. Thus, persuading the consumers in this quarantine period by adding a layer of humanitarian to your communication will definitely strengthen and build your brand post this Covid -19.

Offering relevant and truthful content to the costumers is very much needed in these times because this will ultimately help you become a compassionate brand. Even excessively posting on social media platforms during this time is acceptable, especially for the necessities like food, vegetables, fruits, etc. but the posts should communicate effective and relevant content. Creating these contents strategically and posting them on time will make your customers informed about what your brand has to offer to them and what solutions you can provide. The only care one needs to take is that the tone of the communication should not at all be depressive or have a doomsday feel.

This is the time where people can be found on digital media and live TV. People are stuck with their phones, browsing for any tidbits of good news they can find in articles and on websites.

People that ordinarily didn’t participate in social media are finding it as a way to stay connected and informed. When people are watching TV, they’re watching news and live programming or viewing app-based programming (OTT) and escaping into their favorite on-demand shows.


There are some recommendations as well to keep pace with the digital marketing:

  • Check your numbers: one must evaluate the business health from all the angles, including revenue trends, retail foot traffic, and website traffic, to understand how COVID-19 is impacting your business.
  • Assess Your Brand’s Value: Remember to keep an eye on your customers’ spending trends, competitors’ messaging, and media presence. Identify ways to mitigate shifts in brand loyalty and look for opportunities to gain market share.
  • Evaluate and Test Your Messaging:Examine messaging that is receiving positive traction within your website, organic media, and paid media.


Companies that market effectively, strategically and compassionately during this period will be the big winners when this nightmare is over. This takes a lot of hard work, smart work and continuous efforts but staying in touch is a true sign of a great friend – and treating your customers as friends is a great marketing strategy in any marketing environment and even greater now.

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