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Nowadays everything became online and it’s good in promoting business online to boost up one’s business.

Unlike traditional marketing, because online marketing is the go-to way to increase sales of products, services etc. At a cheap price than compared to normal traditional marketing. Online promotion nothing but Digital Marketing.

Promotions are two types Organic and Paid let me explain you:

Free Business Promotion

If you wanna promote your business in free of cost with organic SEO (Search Engine Marketing) and for this, you can hire an Best SEO Agency (or) else you can hire an [su_button target=”blank” text_shadow=”2px 1px 0px #000000″]SEO Expert.[/su_button]

But, SEO is a very slow process but the very effective way which gives a longer business. The main mote of SEO is to achieve Google’s first-page rankings for your business website to reach more people and get sales or clients but as I said SEO is slow process like if you start doing SEO today it takes minimum 3 months to 6 months time period to get desired results as expected and sometimes it may take longer time also it is based on the competition of your business.

Paid Marketing

And another one is PAID marketing it is totally money based marketing. For example, if you spend money today you get results today only. More money spends more business you get and for this more analysis and a Best Digital Marketing Agency is required otherwise you may lose your money.

Digital marketing involves many mediums or platforms where you can advertise your business and choosing the platforms is totally depends on your business niche.

For example 1: If your business industry is related to clothes, shoes, fashion etc where you are targeting B2C means Business-to-Consumer then you can choose any social media platform for outreach your brand or business directly to the your user you can choose:

  • Facebook Marketing.
  • Instagram Marketing.
  • Pinterest Marketing.

For example 2: If your business is related to B2B means Business-to-Business like Saas, web designing Service Company, website development services, etc. where you have to target business owner, CEO, Manager or someone who need your service then It’s better to go with:

  • Website Marketing.
  • Quora Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Facebook Marketing.
  • LinkedIn Marketing.

Instant Result:

I suggest try the combination of both SEO & SEM, SMM. So that you haven’t wait for a long time to get business leads.

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