Get Unlimited Traffic For Affiliate Marketing

Unlimited Traffic in Affiliate Marketing

Traffic is the lifeblood of this industry. This could be either paid or free traffic.

Free traffic or organic traffic as it’s sometimes referred to, is the best traffic when you’re just starting out, and when you don’t have enough capital but you have time to create content.

To leverage the power of free traffic, you have to position yourself as an expert.

You have to be a problem finder and solution provider to a specific problem or niche.

This can be done either by finding problems people are already trying to improve or solve and just create better solutions than the rest.

OR… you can create a niche or problem where one does not exist, and pull people into that niche by being the only person that knows how to do what you do.

And to achieve this, you need to generate great content that resonates with your audience.

In this guide, am going to talk about these three free traffic sources:

Facebook Groups


YouTube videos


Facebook Groups

With Facebook groups, you‘ll need to join 10 groups within your niche and create your own Facebook group.

Within your Facebook group, put a link to your opt-in page at the top of your group for collecting emails.

On a daily basis, start helping at least 10 people in your groups by providing value.

When you keep on providing value, you will cultivate a sizable number of Facebook friends in the groups and your group.

In no time; your name will become the household name as you have built relationships, you commented on people’s post resourcefully.

People will come to know, like, and trust you.

Start inviting everyone who interacts with you into your group and optimize your personal profile with an invitation link to your group.

When people like what you’re providing, they would want to know more about you and they will check out your personal profile which you have optimized with an invitation link.

Naturally, they will be clicking on your opt-in page link and leave their emails. Post a link to your opt-in page in your group at least 3x a week.

How to get more engagements from your posts?

Think of your readers on tablets and other handheld devices. With this in mind, defy your high School Grammar teacher who taught you block form writing.

Your post is not an academic exercise.

Do this instead…

  • No more than two sentences per paragraph.
  • Use a hook, your first sentence is your best chance at capturing people’s attention.
  • Ask for engagement in the middle of the post and at the end if you can.
  • Use formatting – Facebook lets you use
  1. H1 words
  2. H2 words
  3. Italic words
  4. Lists
  5. Bold words
  6. Emoji
  7. Throw in an image or GIF

These works on a PC, it will show up to the left of the paragraph when you’re typing (This is a new feature for Facebook groups). On a Mac, press ctrl, command & space. The menu pops up.


People on Quora are searching for answers. These are curious people looking for solutions.

And answering questions on this site puts you, your website or any link in front of people. Quora is proving to be the huge membership driver of my free Webtalk group, Affiliate Marketing Ninjas.

If you have observed, when you goggle a question, one of the websites that always seems to pop up with an answer is Quora.

This means probably other people are also seeing Quora pop-ups with answers.

These are people who are looking for solutions to their problems.

This is a highly targeted referral traffic (organic) that could turn into conversion for your business or cause.

While Quora might not be a big traffic driver in the ranks of Facebook or Twitter, it has the advantage of driving better-quality traffic.

Quora has 300 million monthly active users.

Just think of the possibilities!

When you focus on giving genuine answers that are helpful, your readers will in turn more likely to check out your profile.

And if you have an optimized bio in place, the readers are more likely to check out the backlinks that you provide because they‘ll already have built up a certain degree of trust in you.

How to get traffic and leads from Quora?

The first thing to do is optimizing your Quora profile this is where your readers will be heading to after reading your answers.

  • Fill in the “About Me” section
  • Add your areas of expertise and interest
  • Add cities (those you lived in the past and present)
  • Add school and colleges you have attended
  • Previous and Current companies you work for
  • Connect your other social media accounts

More to bio optimization

Include the following as well:

  • Social validation (any publication you have been featured in)
  • A memorable picture (could your personal pictures)
  • A relevant offer (lead magnets for collecting emails)
  • Links to other content (your blog sites etc.)

Secondly, is answering your answers with style. This is the best-kept strategy that top writers use and helps them garner massive views, upvotes, comments, and shares:

  • Optimize your answer for mobile (your paragraph should not be more than two sentences). 75%of users access Quora via their phones.
  • Bold your first sentence, important statement, and transitions
  • Use bullet points and numbers
  • Italicize most questions
  • Use metaphors, and similes to describe your emotions
  • Use media, top writers feature images and videos in most of their answers.

Caution: Quora is not there for you to spam the living daylight out of them to get traffic to your site.


The fun fact is you don’t need thousands of subscribers to get views and drive traffic on YouTube.

Before you drive traffic from YouTube to your site, you have to get that traffic.

First and foremost, you need to understand the following:

  • Identify your ideal audience – Learn more about your target audience and what they like.
  • Keyword research – here need to know what search phrases people in your niche are using on YouTube.
  • YouTube Instant Search – Learn how to find targeted search phrases.

Secondly, optimize your videos – If you’re familiar with SEO, then optimizing your videos is a big plus.

  • Focus on the video title, tags, description, and thumbnail.
  • Your title should address a problem that your users are facing
  • Tags should not be more than twelve.
  • Choose keywords that are relevant to the video’s topic.
  • Thumbnail, create an eye-catching because many people attracted to videos that have an appealing based thumbnail.
  • Make a channel and user profile, this gives viewers a home base to look at your videos and check for any new ones.

How do you get traffic from YouTube?

Now let’s talk about some methods to send traffic from your videos to your site.

It comes down to creating video content around your niche and optimizing it for search.

Ask people to visit your site as CTA in your videos directing them to the description box that you optimize with links.

Keep on creating awesome content that helps your audience to solve their problems, and direct them to your site for further information.

Rinse and repeat, Rinse and repeat

In doing so, your audience will come to know, like, and trust you as an expert in your space.

How to get engagements and promote your content beyond YouTube?

  • Thank people who comment on video posts.
  • Let your email subscribers know when a new video is posted and encourage them to share them with their friends.
  • Utilize Vimeo, Webtalk, and other sites to get your video exposed to other audiences.

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